Rose Goldea Perfume 3 oz EDP Spray (unboxed) for Women

Rose Goldea Perfume by Bvlgari 3 oz Eau De Parfum Spray (unboxed) for Women. Bvlgari initially released a perfume called goldea, but after that was met with tremendous success, the brand released a follow-up called rose goldea. This fragrance came out in 2016. It has a very expressive aroma to it, and the most prominent note at the top is pomegranate. Further down into the perfume are notes of jasmine grandiflorum, damascus rose, olibanum, creamy sandalwood and musk. sotirios voulgaris founded bvlgari in 1884, so the brand has a long legacy associated with it. Voulgaris was born in greece, and he got involved in the trade of jewelry. After honing the craft, he eventually moved to rome. The first store was opened up in 1905, but the company did not having international locations until the 1970s. Today, the organization has stores all around the globe in numerous countries. The company’s first fragrance was not made until 1992. alberto morillas signed this perfume, which makes sense because pomegranate is a scent who utilizes frequently. Morillas’s favorite sc
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