200M OS2 ST ST Fiber Patch Cable 10Gb Duplex 9125 ST to ST Singlemode Jumper 200 Meter 65616ft Length Options 05M300M 1gb 10gb stst smf dx.

Fiber Cable Description: OS2 ST to ST Fiber Patch Cable 200 Meter 10Gb Single Mode Fiber Patch Cable with 9/125 Corning optical fiber glass. Used in Education, Corporate, Military/Defense, Government, Healthcare, Finance, General Commercial and other industries for long distance networking applications. Fiber Patch Cable Details: 200 Meter (656.16 feet), Duplex (2 fiber strands), OFNR riser rated, yellow PVC jacket, 3.0mm outer diameter, zip-cord reinforced, SMF (Singlemode Fiber) patch cables /
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