Yardley London Soaps Soap 3.5 oz Imperial Sandalwood Luxury Soap for Women

Yardley London Soaps Soap by Yardley London 3.5 oz Imperial Sandalwood Luxury Soap for Women. Yardley london has been making soaps with natural ingredients that have essential oils since 1770. Yardley london soaps are well-known among beauty-conscious women as the best in the market. The company has different soap collections wherein each of them has something unique to offer for every woman. In the botanical collection, one can choose from english lavender, oatmeal and almond, aloe and cucumber, pomegranate rose, lemon verbena and cocoa butter. In the pure shea butter collection, there is a choice between almond milk, lavender wisteria and honeysuckle citrus. Lastly, in the liquid soap collection, the lady can choose between english lavender, oatmeal and almond.
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