Yuzu Juice - 1 bottle - 25.36 fl oz

The perfect addition to your kitchen's pantry, this Yuzu Juice from Yakami Orchards is a bold yet versatile ingredient you're sure to love! This juice, called Niban Shibori, is made from the second pressing of the yuzu fruit. Its vibrant flavor profile adds intense taste perfect for brightening up everything from cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks to vinaigrettes, sauces, sashimi, vegetables, ceviche, and desserts. A splash of Yuzu offers bold citrusy flavor with a complexity not found in more common fruits like lemons or limes. Offering layer upon layer of flavor, upon close inspection, you'll find notes of orange, lemon, tangerine, even grapefruit all within the tiny yuzu. The nuance of taste gives this juice a wide range of uses and the versatility to build creative, sophisticated flavor. Experiment with it in all your favorite recipes and be amazed by the delicious results! Yakami Orchards is located in the Miyazaki prefecture of Japan. An ancient family or growers Yakami has been passed down through four generations. Carefully upholding the traditions and techniques first perfected by their ancestors Yakami Orchards is widely acknowledged as one of the best citrus producers in the world.
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