White Sesame Seed Oil - 1 bottle - 300 ml

This delightful white sesame seed oil from Wadaman Co. boasts a light fruity aroma reminiscent of toasted hazelnuts or almonds. Its flavor is a full-bodied combination of these same nuts with undertones of peanut. Layer upon layer of taste is brought to the forefront of your palate thanks to the masterful way it is prepared. The undisputed virtuoso of sesame production Wadaman Co., located in Osaka, Japan, has been roasting, pressing, and grinding sesame seeds to produce all manner of sesame-based products. For more than 130 years, they have perfected their skills, passing them down from father to son. The current owner Etsuji Wada represents the 4th generation of this Japanese sesame dynasty and has been personally roasting seeds for over 40 years. His mastery within the profession has earned him the title of the best roaster in Japan. An accolade we're certain you'll confirm upon first taste of his sensational white sesame seed oil. Available in 300ml and 500ml bottles, the same larger size preferred by chefs is now available for your home kitchen. Purchase singly or in bulk packages of 12. Whether you're cooking for just the family, a house full of hungry guests, or you run a business that serves food; you can get your favorite Wadaman white sesame seed oil in the amounts you require.
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