Three Crabs Fish Sauce - 1 bottle - 24 fl oz

One of our favorite condiments, Fish sauce, is the smart chef's simple and effective way to add deep umami flavor to their dishes. With its intensely savory profile, a few dashes in whatever you're making will enhance the other flavors in your meal and introduce new complexities to your recipe. An important condiment to keep on hand, we love the rich flavor of Three Crabs brand fish sauce. Achieving something akin to cult status within the foodie community: Three crabs is considered "the" premium brand. Bon Appetite recommended them with high praise in one of their recent articles, saying Three Crabs was their secret ingredient for maximizing flavor in both Eastern and Western-inspired dishes. Often imitated but never replicated, keep your eye out for "dupes" of this product. Several competitors have chosen similar names and labeling, such as Three Fish, Three Shells, etc. The product you'll find at Gourmet Food Store, however, is the real thing. It offers the authentic taste that premium fish sauce must-have. Try it today and start adding the intense savor of this staple condiment to your meals.
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