White Shoyu - Japanese White Soy Sauce - 1 bottle - 12 oz

There are many different kinds of soy sauce out there; Japanese shoyu represents a sweeter, more mild interpretation of this tasty condiment. Brewed from equal parts of wheat and soybeans: shoyu doesn't need much zhooshing up. Well rounded and delicious, you'll enjoy this delightful sauce on its own. As versatile as it is delicious, some of our favorite ways to enjoy white, or Shiro, soy sauce is added into stir-fries, stews, and spaghetti sauces. Delicious in a wide range of recipes, both Eastern and Western-inspired meals can benefit from the delightful complexities of White Shoyu! What is Shoyu? This rare Japanese condiment; is made by roasting wheat in hot sand. The toasted kernels are slowly milled and brewed with steamed soybeans and koji. The result is a light-colored mildly-flavored condiment that easily infuses your foods with savory flavor without changing the color of your dish. Cleaner and thinner than a typical soy sauce, this white variety is favored by chefs and mixologists looking to add the flavor of soy without overpowering the taste and colors of their other ingredients.
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