Mirin Sweet Cooking Sake - 1 bottle - 25.4 fl oz

To quickly and easily add authentic Japanese flavor to your dishes look no further than our delicious Mirin sweet cooking sake from Kikkoman! A tasty addition to so many different recipes, Mirin performs a multitude of tasks to subtly enhance your meals. There are the obvious additions of added sweetness and shine to your foods, but Mirin also prevents ingredients from becoming mushy and helps flavors permeate thanks to the sugar and alcohol. Delicious and versatile, you'll love all the amazing qualities of this Japanese condiment! What is Mirin? One of the most essential Japanese ingredients, this pantry staple is sometimes compared to white cooking wine. Similar to sake in terms of flavor but with an added sweetness and a lower alcohol content (around 14%). It's a flavorful seasoning that's a versatile addition to Eastern and Western-inspired dishes. Often mistaken for mirin rice vinegar or mirin rice wine vinegar Japanese Mirin dates back to 1467, known as the Sengoku period. Originally consumed as a sweet alcoholic beverage, it was preferred by women and those sensitive to the intense flavor of stronger drinks. Centuries later, near the end of the Edo period (1603-1868), you'll begin to see Mirin wine used in cooking. Commonly incorporated into marinades and dipping sauces, thanks to its high price tag, use was limited to the wealthy and some restaurants. Over the years, the price of Mirin has lowered along with the taxes on wine. Its use became more widespread and soon became a household staple across Japan.
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