Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract with Agave Syrup, Organic - 1 bottle - 1 kg

Sweetened with Agave Nectar, this very special Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla offers all the complexity of premium vanilla enhanced by the natural sweetness of agave. Offering a combination of Bourbon vanilla concentrate, real agave nectar, and flavorful vanilla seeds, you'll get intense flavor, a subtle sweetness, and the iconic black flecks of real vanilla bean in one easy-to-use extract. This intensely rich and delicious flavoring is the perfect addition to almost any recipe; use it in baked goods like cookies and cupcakes, or incorporate it into mousse, whipped cream, frostings, and more, for a delicious kick of taste. Composed of bold notes of dried fruits and warming spices, you'll love what this sensational Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract does for your recipes! Eurovanille has created a name for itself as one of the leading producers of all things vanilla since 1990. Setting the standard for all other brands on the market, Eurovanille continually creates some of the highest quality products. Using their own proprietary extraction methods, Eurovanille creates their concentrated vanilla extracts through hydroalcoholic extraction and evaporation of fresh vanilla pods. The world's favorite flavor: vanilla is loved everywhere for its complex and delicious taste; and the way it can enhance any dish.
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