French Polynesian Vanilla Beans - 4 oz bag (16-20 cm)

The best restaurants in the world choose Eurovanille to provide their dishes with the intensely delicious complexity of premium vanilla. From extracts and pastes to powders and whole beans, their vanilla guarantees the tastiest results! Sourced from sustainable vanilla farms located in French Polynesia, the beans from Eurovanille are gluten-free, sugar free, vegan, non-GMO, and kosher. These premium vanilla products are the answer to the additive-enhanced, bulk-processed flavorings that have become the industry standard. Start enjoying the full taste of this delightful ingredient again with these premium vanilla beans. Tahitian vanilla has long been considered the pinnacle of flavor, and for good reason. Their painstaking aging process has earned the admiration of gourmands and top chefs. Using a proprietary curing method that's very different from other vanilla-producing regions, like Madagascar or Mexico. French Polynesian beans are monitored while on the vine and only picked once they've turned a deep golden yellow, showing that they are fully ripe. Aged until brown, then carefully rinsed, they cure until 20-30% of their moisture has evaporated. This happens every day until each vanilla bean reaches its final state of perfection. Carefully packaged and shipped to you, you'll notice the difference in these beans as soon as you open them.
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