Lady Fingers - 1 box - 1 lb

Shaped like large flat fingers of cake, these delicate sponges are light as air and addictively tasty. Their cloud-like texture results from the small proportion of flour to sugar and the large percentage of eggs. Great for a wide range of culinary uses, everything from the classic Italian Tiramisu to the perfect accompaniment to your next cup of tea or coffee. Often soaked in some liquid such as coffee or liqueur to soften and add flavor, they are an excellent addition to charlottes and other highly decorative cakes. These small, delicate sponge cakes, most commonly known as Lady Fingers, have been around for centuries. Dating back to 11th century France and the house of Savoy, it's said that the first of these sponge cakes were created to mark a visit from the king of France. A good thing from the start, the recipe for Lady Fingers has hardly changed over the past 900 years. A simple combination of flour, sugar and eggs, these long cakes go by many names: including everything from Boudoir biscuits, sponge biscuits, sponge fingers, and Naples biscuits to Savoy biscuits (Savoiardi) and biscuits a la cuiller. Produced by Bonomi in Italy, they are intentionally made firm so they can stand up to wet ingredients. When soaked in liqueur or covered in cream, they become soft and spongy. Bonomi Savoiardi Lady Fingers are a delight when served alone or a tasty addition to your favorite dessert recipe! The most refined of cakes the "lady's finger," will soon be your favorite!
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