Valrhona Milk Chocolate Block - 40%, Jivara Lactee - 1 block - 6.6 lbs

Another delightful addition to Valrhona's lineup of premium chocolate, this milk chocolate block boasts sensational flavor and all the characteristic creaminess you've come to expect from their products. With a distinct flavor profile, you'll notice it offers a wide range of tastes. Mild and chocolatey with notes of caramel and vanilla, and a distinctly malty finish. Offering layer upon layer of flavor, you'll love what this milk chocolate does for your recipes. Great for many uses, chop, melt, and incorporate into mousse, buttercream, ganache, and more! Add to batters and doughs for lots of delicious pockets of melty chocolate, or use to finish desserts. Perfect for dipping, enrobing, and decorating, get sensational flavor and a professional finish by using Valrhona's Jivara Lactee milk chocolate block. Meaning 'cream of cocoa', Jivara is an apt name for this luxurious chocolate from Valrhona. Made from exceptionally aromatic cocoa beans, sourced from the Forastero plantations of Ecuador, this chocolate is imbued with an intensely delightful flavor. Composed of 40% cocoa mass, whole milk, brown sugar, and a touch of vanilla and malt, Valrhona relies on whole foods to create its incredible chocolate and natural flavors. Each block of chocolate weighs in at 6.6-pounds and can be purchased singly or in bulk cases of five.
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