Valrhona Dark Chocolate Pistoles - 61%, Extra Bitter - 1 bag - 6.6 lbs

An excellent chocolate to keep on hand at all times, this versatile dark chocolate from Valrhona is an extra bitter option for those who love the natural flavor intrinsic to cacao! Suitable for all manner of culinary uses, these pistoles are the perfect selection for filling pastry, enrobing, molding, and decorating. Each pistole is a careful formulation of cocoa mass and cocoa butter, allowing it to melt easily and give you a smooth professional finish. The small bean-shaped pistoles make measuring, weighing, and melting simple and straightforward. Offering a sophisticated flavor profile, this premium chocolate option is the perfect addition to so many recipes, balancing sweetness and adding complexity and nuance where there was none. Created by one of the leading chocolate manufacturers in the world, Valrhona has gained a reputation for producing deliciously balanced chocolate, and nowhere is that more obvious than with these 61% dark chocolate pistoles. When looking to add flavor and dimension to your recipes, try these pistoles from Valrhona.
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