Valrhona Dark Chocolate Chips - 60% - 1 box - 11 lbs

The perfect addition to cookie doughs, cake batter, quick breads, and so much more, add the intense flavor of premium chocolate to all your favorite recipes and bring your baking up a notch. Unlike pistols, batons, or baking bars, chocolate chips are created to hold their shape throughout baking. Thanks to added stabilizers, chips keep their signature shape and their delightful taste even under extreme heat. The perfect balance of sweet yet intense chocolate flavor, these dark chips from Valrhona bring their expertise right into your home kitchen. Slightly smaller than standard chips, they offer a much wider array of culinary options. Versatile as well as delicious, their high cocoa content and smooth, luxurious texture will have you looking for excuses to use them. From classics like chocolate chip cookies and muffins to granola bars and trail mix, there is no end to ways to use these premium chocolate chips. From one of the finest chocolate producers in the country comes some of the best chocolate chips. Be sure to keep a bag or two on hand at all times for your baking needs.
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