Valrhona Milk Chocolate Pistoles - 46%, Bahibe - 6.6 lbs

On the edge of dark chocolate, this intense milk chocolate offers bold cocoa forward flavor with a slightly tangy fruity finish. Complex yet delicate, these couverture pistoles are the perfect addition to any kitchen pantry. Full-bodied and flavorful, they melt evenly and quickly, and thanks to their specific size, make the act of tempering much simpler. Create a wide range of delicious chocolatey desserts by incorporating Bahibe milk chocolate into them. A tribute to the emblematic flower of the Dominican Republic, the 'Bayahibe Rose', this Bahibe chocolate from Valrhona is perfectly balanced and blended, making it easy to work worth and even easier to eat! Thanks to its high cocoa content Bahibe manages to enhance the smooth and creamy quality of milk with its intense notes of bitter chocolate, eventually making way for a fruity finish. A delight to the taste buds, experience milk chocolate at its finest with this Dominican variety. Among the diversity of cocoa grown in the Dominican Republic, there are two different grades of beans: Sanchez and Hispaniola. Sanchez beans are dried immediately after harvesting. Historically these were exported in larger amounts and acquired a less than positive reputation on international markets. Today the Sanchez has been mostly relegated to the production of cocoa butter and compound chocolate. Hispaniola beans, in contrast, are fermented for up to a week before they are sun-dried. This fermentation period brings out the flavors inherent to the beans, making them highly sought after for use in artisan chocolate making. Made from Dominican-grown Hispaniola cocoa beans, you'll love the nuanced flavor profile and superior quality of Bahibe milk chocolate!
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