French Chocolate Lava Cake, Frozen - 7 oz (2 cakes)

Somewhere between a cake and a souffle, these chocolate lava cakes provide a combination of rich luxurious chocolate and light and tender cake. Stash a few of these in your freezer and heat up whenever the occasion strikes. Serve these cakes garnished with freshly whipped cream, poached fruit, or a heaping scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. Convenient and delicious, you'll find these gourmet treats simply irresistible. This decadent indulgence is made from only the finest ingredients available, offering you the best, most intense chocolate flavor. Pre-made, simply pop into the oven for a few short minutes to render a beautifully warmed cake with a liquid molten center. Designed to deliver both convenience and premium flavor, this quick dessert will soon become your go-to for dinner parties, events, and last-minute guests. Each package of our chocolate lava cakes includes seven individual portions. Purchase singly or in bulk boxes of twelve to ensure you always have a few on hand. White toque is the go-to brand for discerning chefs and refined gourmands. Offering premium quality and excellent taste, with every detail carefully executed each finished dessert is produced with a flawless finish you can be proud to serve. Present these chocolate lava cakes alongside a glass of Cabernet or a tall glass of cold milk for a simple yet sophisticated sweet everyone's sure to enjoy.
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