French Creme Brulee, Frozen - 10.6 oz (2 cakes)

Just a handful of simple ingredients combine to form one of the world's most luxurious desserts. Elegant, refined, and oh so delicious, our creme brulee from White Toque offers all the exceptional taste and caliber of what you'd find in a fine-dining restaurant. The perfect ready-made dessert, keep your freezer stocked with these prepared creme brulees. The answer to all your last-minute hosting dilemmas simply brulee the top of each, with the included sugar packets, and serve to your grateful guests. Each vanilla creme brulee from White Toque is made from all-natural premium ingredients. Portioned into real terra cotta dishes, just top each Brulee with sugar and caramelize with a kitchen torch or under your oven's broiler. Delicious in its own right, serve alone or top with fresh berries and garnish with mint leaves for a tasty accompaniment. White Toque sells their frozen creme brulee in packages of two. The perfect single-serving portion, each serving weighs 5.3-ounces. With both the dish and even sugar packets included, there's not a single element of this classic French dessert left to chance. Meaning you get to serve and enjoy perfect creme brulee every time!
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