Zabaione (Zabaglione) Dessert Cream - 6.25 oz jar

The best desserts are oftentimes the simplest. Comprised of only sugar, egg yolks, and marsala wine, Zabaione offers at once rich flavor and an unbelievably luxurious and well-rounded texture. Carefully made from only the best ingredients, Tealdi creates a Zabaione good enough to rival any you've tried before. Serve warm, cool, or frozen, for a wide range of enjoyable treats. Available for purchase in 6.25-ounce jars, order them singly or in bulk cases of twelve. Simple, creamy, and effective, it's the perfect ready-made dessert to keep on hand when you're craving something a little sweet or when you want to enhance another dessert. Served as a sauce, generously drizzle your Zabaione over a slice of cake, crostata, or panettone, to enrich its flavors. Pair with fresh fruit, or serve as a stand-alone in a beautiful dessert glass garnished by a single biscotti or some amaretti. It is not often that a dessert can offer so much flavor giving you both the comfort of a wholesome dessert and the elegance of something so perfectly refined. Tealdi of Italy crafts beautiful Italian comfort foods, like pasta, sauces, polenta, seasonings, and of course, desserts! Their lineup of offerings comes in classic flavors and dazzling colors, made with the best natural ingredients available, the result is a selection of fun, brilliant Italian pantry products that are guaranteed to add a luxurious and delicious touch to any Italian-inspired meal.
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