Italian Colomba Cake - Classic - 1 cake - 26.5 oz

A traditional addition to most Easter tables, you'll most commonly find classic Colomba cake served around the Springtime holiday. But its sweet and tender qualities make it a favorite year-round. Delicious on its own, serve your Colomba cake accompanied by fresh berries, drizzled in chocolate, or slathered with fresh whipped cream. The perfect pick-me-up, a generous slice of Colomba tastes great for breakfast alongside a cup of coffee, in the afternoon, or even at night with a glass of Prosecco. No matter how or when you choose to indulge in this classic Italian sweet, we're sure you'll love this delicate specialty dessert. Known as the Easter dove, the Colomba di Pasqua is a sweet sign of Spring to most Italians. Made from a classic enriched dough, much like Panettone or Pandoro, it inhabits the space somewhere between bread and cake. Made from high-quality flour, farm-fresh eggs, sugar, butter, natural yeast, and finished with pearl sugar and almonds, it's generally baked into a shape resembling a dove. Many legends swirl around how this cake was first created and why it is baked into this particular shape. While these legends may not be grounded in facts, there's one inescapable truth about Colomba cake: it is addictively good! Bursting with flavor, it's got that one-more-bite quality that will have you finishing it in a single sitting. Made using only the finest premium ingredients, Dolciaria Casa prides itself on creating some of the best Colomba cakes in Italy. Using traditional methods and high-quality ingredients they manage to achieve a light, fluffy textured cake with exceptional flavor. Order some for yourself today and enjoy an authentic taste of traditional Italian food at its finest!
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