Italian Colomba Cake with Chocolate - 1 cake - 26.5 oz

A delicious twist on the classic, this chocolate Colomba cake from Italy's own Dolciaria Casa gets a yummy upgrade with the addition of premium dark chocolate. Studded all over and punctuated throughout the loaf, you'll find each bite loaded with the delicious combination of lightly sweetened tender bread and rich luxurious chocolate. For a sumptuous take on this cake be sure to try our chocolate Colomba from Dolciaria Casa. A delightful addition to any table, this rich buttery loaf is delicious on its own or as a base to a wide range of toppings. Enjoy with honey, jam, or chocolate spread. Pair with whipped cream and fruit alongside a glass of sweet wine for a simple yet refined dessert, or simply have it as part of your breakfast with a steaming cup of strong coffee. A treat that can be enjoyed any time of day, in so many different ways, keep one on hand at all times for unexpected guests, last-minute celebrations, or just a yummy indulgence. Made using only the finest premium ingredients, Dolciaria Casa prides itself on creating some of the best Colomba cakes in Italy. Using traditional methods and high-quality ingredients they manage to achieve a light, fluffy textured cake with exceptional flavor. Order some for yourself today and enjoy an authentic taste of traditional Italian food at its finest!
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