Berkshire Lomo (Dry Cured Pork Loin) - Pre-Sliced - 3 oz

Salty, savory, and best of all, convenient, our pre-sliced Berkshire cured pork loin is an immediate favorite with all who try it. Sliced paper-thin, this classic Spanish Lomo practically melts in your mouth. Made from premium Berkshire pork, you'll find our loin has no equal in terms of flavor, texture, and tenderness! During the curing process, the Lomo is rubbed with a proprietary blend of five different varieties of Spanish paprika. Massaged into the meat to help its flavor permeate and tenderize the meat. Aged in its casing for four months the flavors are given a chance to meld together and intensify. Dry-cured and pre-sliced, there's no prep work required to enjoy this delicious cured pork loin. Simply open its package and serve in any of your favorite ways. All meats used in the making of Angel's Salumi are certified steroid, antibiotic, and growth hormone-free. Guaranteed to be free-range, cage-free, or wild, at Angel's, they believe that the only way to create truly sensational meats is to start with sensational ingredients! Their attention to detail, unfaltering technique, and excellent sourcing have separated them from other cured meat suppliers and set their products as the benchmark for some of the finest meats available on the global market.
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