Penthouse Provocative Deodorant 5 oz Deodorant Spray for Women

Penthouse Provocative Deodorant by Penthouse 5 oz Deodorant Spray for Women. Sweet. Sexy. Enticing. The provocative fragrance will definitely leave you with a captivating sensation. Filled with rich and luscious fruity essences, this alluring fragrance embodies a woman of seduction and beauty. Its aphrodisiac accords makes an exceptional aroma that is irresistible to one’s senses. Launched in 2014, the scent arrives in purple and black bottlewith a bow tied around its neck. Indulge in this outrageously intense mist that will surely make you irresistible. The sensual, flirty fragrance opens with the aromatic notes of bergamot, mandarin, pomegranate, peach, and passion fruit that induces a fresh and invigorating touch to its blend. It is followed by the creamy nuances of lotus blossom, white violet, vanilla orchid, and cherry blossom in its heart. The mixture eventually dries down warm with the sweetness of chocolate in harmony with the earthy elements of musk, amber, and patchouli. penthouse fragrances started its journey through the men’s magazine, penthouse.
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