Calgon Take Me Away Ocean Breeze Soap 30 oz Bath Beads for Women

Calgon Take Me Away Ocean Breeze Soap by Calgon 30 oz Bath Beads for Women. Calgon take me away ocean breeze perfume is a fragrance for women by calgon. This scent is light and airy, evoking a breezy aquatic getaway. Its cool and crisp finish both exhilarates and relaxes. The calgon take me away collection includes cosmetics and body care in addition to fragrances. The calgon company started 1933 by selling water softener. The company formed its name from what water softener does to reduce the calcium in the water; calcium gone, truncated to calgon. In 1946 the company launched its first scented bath product. In the 1970’s, calgon launched its memorable “take me away” advertising campaign in print and television commercials. Over the years, calgon has launched new products for its line such as shave mousse, body gels, body spray, and perfume. All of their products have a goal of letting the scent stimulate and exhilarate in order to transport you to a relaxing place.
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