Me and Ma - Artisanal Apple, Cinnamon and Olive Oil Biscuits, Vegan - 4.6 oz box

These cinnamon-apple biscuits provide a taste tandem you're sure to love. A combination of sweet and spicy cookies, this canister accommodates both. Just like ma and me, each cookie has its distinct personality, but together, forms a delightful combination. One has the fresh bright notes of apples, while the other is warmly spiced with freshly ground cinnamon, providing a punch of spice that balances and complements the other. Try these delicious and whimsical biscuits from one of Spain's favorite producers of healthy treats: Paul and Pippa! For a sweet biscuit that tastes good and you know what's in it, look no further than the sterling lineup of crackers, biscuits, and spreads from Spain's Paul and Pippa. Made from all-natural ingredients, these biscuits are 100% certified organic and never have any nasty artificial additives, colors, or flavors. Just simple, wholesome ingredients, you know and can pronounce. Vegan, Vegetarian, nut-free, and low-sugar, here's a tasty treat you can feel good about keeping on hand and offering to friends and guests. Try crumbling these comforting cinnamon apple biscuits over vanilla yogurt with a handful of Marcona almonds for a salty balance for a simple yet satisfying breakfast.
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