Cocoa Chips - Artisanal Cocoa and Olive Oil Biscuits, Vegan - 4.6 oz box

Gluten-free, dairy-free, and accounting for only 8 kcal per serving, these tasty shortbread cookies from Paul and Pippa are a natural wholesome way to get your sweet fix. With a short and simple list of all-natural ingredients our chocolate cookies are composed of only the best elements. No preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors, are ever included in these healthy cookies, instead, pure Ecuadorian cocoa and dark chocolate add complexity, while premium extra virgin olive oil provides a tender texture and wonderfully fruity notes of flavor. The artisan cookies, crackers, and bread made by Paul and Pippa are 100% natural, made from premium ingredients they never contain any additives, artificial colors, or flavors. The through-line of Paul and Pippa's naturally tasty treats is Mediterranean olive oil. Bursting with rich flavor and full-bodied viscosity, all their delicious creations are enhanced by this common denominator. Their wide range of biscuits, cookies, and crackers each have a signature flavor, from lime and coconut to Manchego and Jamaican Pepper. Each recipe is lovingly created, developing its flavor profile along the way. Try any of their sterling line-up of products right here, at Gourmet Food Store, for a taste of something truly special.
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