Villars Swiss Dark Chocolate with Almonds - 3.5 oz bar

A delightful combination, this chocolate bar blends the rich taste of roasted almonds with Villars luxurious dark chocolate. Wonderfully sweet with just enough complexity to captivate your taste buds, dive into this dark chocolate bar and experience Swiss chocolate at its finest! Made from sustainable cocoa beans, Villars is careful to source some of the best cocoa in the world while ensuring that the farms and farmers who create them are raising their cocoa using environmentally friendly methods. Carefully judged by some of the finest chocolate connoisseurs in the world, each batch of cocoa is tested and assessed based on flavor and aromatic qualities. Once the beans have been deemed acceptable, they are roasted to build flavor and bring out their best characteristics. Finely ground then conched for a total of 72 hours, the chocolate reaches a level of silky smoothness unmatched by most other chocolates available on the market. Finally, this delicious dark chocolate is poured into molds and combined with roasted almonds to form a delightful chocolate bar. Each bar weighs in at 3.5-ounces and is sold individually or in packs of 6 to suit your needs. To maintain their quality our chocolate bars are carefully packed and expedited to your door, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition, protecting them from drastic shifts in temperature, and maintaining their excellent texture and appearance. This careful attention to detail, coupled with the exceptional quality of products, combines to create some of the best chocolate in the world. For a luxurious taste of Swiss chocolate at its finest, try our dark chocolate and toasted almond bar from Villars!
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