Villars Swiss Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts - 3.5 oz bar

Decadent dark chocolate punctuated by the crunch of roasted hazelnuts combines to form this delicious indulgence from Villars. Yet another in a long line of fantastic gourmet chocolate offerings from Switzerland's foremost chocolate producer, our dark chocolate and hazelnut bar is a masterful blend of harmonious flavors. Smooth, luscious chocolate and toasted nuts are always a great combination, but when that chocolate is made from the finest sustainable cocoa beans and the hazelnuts are sourced from the hills of Rome, you have transformed the common candy bar into a gastronomic triumph! But don't take our word for it, try this and any of our other delightful offerings from Villars and start experiencing chocolate the way it was always meant to be. With over a century of experience, Villars has been creating some of the finest European chocolates for as long as there has been a market for them. From the selection and roasting of sustainable cocoa beans to the grinding, conching, and molding of the chocolate into bars, every step of the creation of this artisan chocolate is carried out under one roof, ensuring that every element of their chocolates is of the highest quality. Sold in 3.5-ounce bars, they are available singly or in bulk packs of six depending on your needs. While many of us don't consider chocolate a perishable item, exposure to extreme temperature changes can affect the quality of your chocolate. To avoid any negative effects during transit, we carefully package our chocolate in insulated boxes and use expedited shipping services, so you not only get to enjoy your chocolate at its very best but also much sooner. Browse through our complete selection of gourmet chocolates from Villars and all our other delightful options for a true taste of luxury.
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