Villars Collection Pure Swiss Milk Chocolate - 32% - 3.5 oz bar

Villars Maitre Chocolatier is exactly what one imagines Swiss chocolate should be - sourced from the milk of Swiss dairy cows, raised and worked by small family farms in the picture-perfect region of Neuchatel, Valasis and Fribourg, where rolling hills of verdant greens are framed by mountains and medieval towns. This pure swiss milk is blended with the best cocoa beans in the world, from Criollo, Forastero, Trinitario cocoa beans and beyond, carefully chosen for their flavor, aromas, and perfect merging with the creamy milk. The cocoa us UTZ certified, the largest program and label for sustainable farming for coffee and cocoa in the world, fomenting responsible farming, social and living conditions, and environmental concerns. The exotic flavors of cocoa beans from tropical locales gives each bar of Villars chocolates its own distinct flavor profile. Villars roasts its beans in their own factory in Fribourgh, batch by batch, and the sugar used is 100% beet sugar from Switzerland. This milk chocolate bar with 32% cacao content is a delight for chocolate lovers, featuring a creamy, silky texture, with a rich sweetness and hints of vanilla. Perfect for a sweet treat, to add to a gourmet food gift basket, or to send as a gift to someone who needs something delicious in their life. Chocolate is after all, always a good idea!
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