Villars Collection Pure Swiss Dark Chocolate - 85% - 3.5 oz bar

A brand new addition to Villars assortment of chocolate offerings, this bar is made from 100% sustainable cocoa beans. Sourced from all over the world, Villars prides itself on procuring the highest quality ingredients. As each shipment of cocoa beans comes in, they are carefully examined and tested for their flavor and aromatic qualities. Only the best of these beans are used to ensure the taste and texture of Villars chocolate remains consistently exceptional. Villars chocolate factory is located in an area of Switzerland that is especially renowned for its dairy production. The small family farms that provide Villars milk, use traditional methods, and maintain a small herd, approximately 20-25 cattle. By keeping the number of cows low, providing a balanced diet of fresh grass and hay, and maintaining a relaxed and safe environment lends the milk wonderfully sweet and full-bodied characteristics that translate into superior chocolate. High-quality dairy products combined with the finest cocoa beans provide the basis for all Villars delicious chocolate bars. Order yours today and start tasting the world's best chocolate. Deep, rich, and complex, this 85% dark chocolate bar from Villars boasts flavors that are unmatched in terms of nuance and depth. Carefully packaged in insulated boxes, our Swiss chocolate is expedited to your front door, making it easier and faster than ever to start enjoying our gourmet quality products.
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