Chicken Thighs, Boneless and Skinless - Organic - 1.6 lbs

With all the prep done for you, our organic chicken thighs from Shenandoah Valley Organic are masterfully butchered, trimmed, skinned, and de-boned, so all you have to do is add your seasoning blend of choice and throw it in the pana | or on the grill, oven, or wok. The gastronomic possibilities for our organic chicken thighs are virtually limitless! Shenandoah Valley Organic is a farmer-focused business using innovation to supply its customers with affordable organic chicken. Sustainably raised, our boneless, skinless chicken thighs are high-quality, clean-label, certified humane meat. Founded in 2014, Shenandoah Valley Organic has been revolutionizing the poultry industry one chicken at a time. 100% organic, SVO prides itself on producing some of the finest organic chicken on the market. Using a cooperative system that allows each of the farmers involved to be true partners in producing organic chicken, SVO ensures each farm involved receives fair compensation for their products while maintaining the highest standards possible for raising chickens. Skinned and deboned, our chicken thighs are easy to incorporate into any recipe, adding a deeply savory taste you're sure to love! Composed of dark meat, chicken thighs are more flavorful than the white meat that makes up a chicken breast and more economical as well! Chicken thighs are the ideal option for anyone and everyone, lending themselves well to a wide range of preparations and flavor profiles. A popular favorite for anyone who enjoys cooking, from the avid home cook to the professionally trained chef, choose our delicious skinless organic chicken thighs from Shenandoah Valley Organic for a taste of chicken at its finest!
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