Chicken Breast, Boneless and Skinless - Organic - 1.5 lbs

Our organic boneless skinless chicken breast is chicken in its most pure and essential form. Nothing but delicious white meat, our chicken breasts not only boasts some of the best flavors, but they're also raised in a sustainable and environmentally conscious fashion, making it a tasty purchase you can feel good about making! Founded in 2014, Shenandoah Valley Organic has been revolutionizing the poultry industry one chicken at a time. 100% organic, SVO prides itself on producing some of the finest organic chicken on the market. Using a cooperative system that allows each of the farmers involved to be true partners in producing organic chicken, SVO ensures each farm involved receives fair compensation for their products while maintaining the highest standards possible for raising chickens. Shenandoah Valley Organic relies on two basic tenants: a deep commitment to its farmers and careful attention to their environmental stewardship responsibilities. When combined, these hallmarks work in tandem to produce the high-quality, clean label, certified humane goods we have come to expect from all of SVO's products. Known for its innovative farmer-focused business model Shenandoah Valley Organic has found the ideal way to affordably provide the best quality organic chicken. At the same time, they encourage healthy eating and sustainable farming practices, all while helping their farmers, employees, and customers thrive and enjoy some of the best meat on the market! Sold in vacuum-packed containers to seal in the moisture and flavor, our 1.5-pound chicken breast packets are sold and shipped frozen. Placed in insulated boxes, our chicken breast is kept under cool temperature during transit and is quickly shipped overnight to your door to ensure each order arrives in excellent condition every time. Enjoy our exceptional organic chicken breast from Shenandoah Valley Organic and all our other epicurean delights, right here on Gourmet Food Store today.
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