French Blueberry Fruit Spread - Organic - 12 oz jar

Made using traditional French methods, our organic blueberry fruit spread combines the finest produce available with long-standing culinary techniques to create one of the most luxurious condiments you'll ever have the pleasure of trying. Cooked using the same recipe that has been passed down for generations, Les Comtes de Provence cooks their fruit in traditional French copper pots. Each of their flavorful fruit spreads is comprised of at least 65% fruit. Because the produce they use is always picked at its peak, their assortment of fruit spreads requires much less sugar to achieve that same irresistible flavor, giving you all the indulgent qualities of other jams with significantly fewer calories. Thanks to their attention to detail, coupled with the use of only the highest quality ingredients, Les Comtes de Provence has earned a reputation not only throughout Europe but throughout the entire world as one of the leading producers of gourmet jams and fruit-based condiments. One of the most versatile ingredients our fruit spreads can be used in all manner of gastronomic employments. From the straightforward application of jam on toast to a delicious filling for cakes, cupcakes, pies, and other baked goods, the mind reels at the possibilities presented by our delicious blueberry spread. Bursting with bright flavors, immediately transform your tired old recipes into new favorites by adding any of our gourmet fruit spreads from Comtes de Provence! Sold singly or in bulk packs of six, each of our jars of organic blueberry fruit spread comes in a generous 12-ounce glass jar. Upon ordering, we carefully pack each jar to ensure there is no breakage or damage during transit. With a range of shipping options at your disposal, order any of our delicious products today and receive them as soon as tomorrow. Just a click away, it's never been easier to start enjoying the delicious taste of some of France's finest jams.
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