French Apricot Fruit Spread - Organic - 12 oz jar

Bursting with the delicious taste of French apricots, our 100% organic fruit spread from Les Comtes de Provence will quickly become a family favorite. Made from delicious fresh apricots harvested at the peak of ripeness, this is the ideal addition to your kitchen pantry. Complete your breakfast table with this yummy spread, ideal on toast, scones, and muffins, or use as a fruity filling for cakes, pies, and so much more. Excellent food starts with excellent ingredients and nowhere is that more apparent than in this delicious organic apricot fruit spread. Made using time-honored traditional methods and the finest organic ingredients available, our gourmet apricot fruit spread will have you looking for reasons to indulge. Thanks to the fact that Les Comtes de Provence uses only the ripest fruit bursting with full flavor, they don't need to use the same amount of sugar, meaning you get more fruit and less refined sweeteners. Available in 12-ounce jars, our organic apricot fruit spread is available singly or in bulk packs of 6. So whether you're just buying for your own family or a large crowd, we can provide exactly what you need in the amounts you require. Carefully packaged and shipped straight to your door, it's never been easier to start enjoying some of the finest products on the market sourced from all over the world. Try our delicious apricot fruit spread from Les Comtes de Provence and all the other delightful range of spreads from one of France's foremost fruit-based purveyors, Les Comtes de Provence!
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