Japanese Wagyu A5 Beef Striploin - 16 oz

One of the highest grades of Wagyu in the world, and one of the most popular as well, Miyachiku Wagyu beef delivers award-winning color, sumptuous flavor, and unbeatable tenderness, like only Japanese Wagyu beef can deliver. Miyachiku Wagyu comes from a co-op of 400 farmers in the Miyachiku prefecture of Japan. Although Kobe might be the most well-known name (and prefecture) in Wagyu beef, Miyachiku Wagyu has won the title "Best Wagyu in the World" at the Wagyu Olympics. Nothing to envy to Kobe beef. The 400 farmers that make up the coop are known for their breeding tactics - to ensure the best results and quality, only 4 cows are harvested at a time, to give the process the time and attention it deserves, and get the most premium results. Miyachiku Wagyu breeds the Kuroge Washu breed, known as Japanese Black. Besides the privileged genetics so particular to Wagyu, the cows are feed a diet of wheat and corn, for about 900 days - about 8 times longer than usual. This particular Wagyu Strip is graded A5, and what does that mean? It means it's the highest possible grade of Japanese Wagyu possible. A5 Wagyu is known for superb quality, with even and abundant marbling throughout, a bright cherry color, and a silky texture with a firm texture, and the color and luster of the fat is also graded. This is the best beef, of the highest quality possible. Our Wagyu A5 Strip Steaks weigh in at 16 oz. Now, with A5, this delivers about 4 portions, since the richness of this beef really should be savored in the small quantities. Let come to room temperature before cooking. Serve this Strip Steak seared and medium-rare to fully savor it. Salt and pepper are all you need when you have this quality of beef.
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