Acorn Fed Iberico Pork Shoulder Butt - Cabecero de Bellota Iberico - 1.5 lbs

The Wagyu of pork savor each bite of our free-range acorn-fed Spanish Iberico pork cabecero. Bursting with its unique nutty taste, its full flavor speaks of the free-range lifestyle and unique diet of the Spanish black Iberico breed. The cabecero cut consists of the pork shoulder and collar, which is misleadingly also often called the "butt" in American butcher shops and groceries. Benefitting from long slow cooking, at which point both portions are rendered succulent and fall-apart tender. One of the most flavorful cuts available, we love it braised, roasted, or slowly smoked on the grill, barbecue-style. A thick and hefty portion, this well-marbled cut easily serves a crowd. Shipped frozen, we carefully wrap our Iberico cabecero in special packaging to keep it cold during transit and expedite the shipping overnight, so it arrives in perfect condition. Simply allow it to thaw in your refrigerator before using or place it directly into the freezer until you're ready to prepare it! Browse through our entire selection of gourmet Iberico pork today and start creating better dishes by tomorrow!
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