Iberico Pork Bacon - Sliced - 0.5 lbs

Smoky and mouthwatering, our Iberico Bacon by Fermin is one of those products that tend to sell out as soon as we bring them in. The reason? Sumptuous Iberico pork bellies, smoked to perfection and perfectly sliced in thick slices so you can sear and pan-fry, or use however your culinary heart desires. Cook it slowly, to fully render that succulent fat, and save that gorgeous bacon grease for other recipes like French fries. Fermin is a household name in Spain, and they were the first to export famous Iberico ham to America, bringing this coveted delicacy to our tables. Iberico comes from Iberico Pig, a Spanish breed famous for their black hoofs (pata negra), but most importantly ,revered because of it's genetic propensity to develop infiltrated fat: what we know as marbling. Fermin pigs are free grazing in the Spanish Dehesa in the picturesque Medieval village of La Alberca, an area declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco. The pigs roam the fields filling up on rich grasses, tubers and nuts, giving their meat a flavor profile that's unparalleled. This bacon is superbly flavor and just melts in your mouth, enveloping with smoky bacon goodness. Use it for pizzas, to elevate your burger to new heights, or chop it up and toss into salads. Perfect to create succulent appetizers - try bacon-wrapped dates! We also love it chopped over creamy soups, adding depth to a creamy pasta sauce, or used in stuffings or croquetas. Perhaps on of our favorite ways to savor Fermin Iberico Bacon is simply with scrambled organic farm-fresh eggs, for a superb breakfast. No matter how you use it, you'll never go back to regular bacon again.
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