Pluma Iberica de Bellota - Acorn Fed Iberico Pork End Loin - 11 oz

This superbly juicy, tender cut of Iberico Pork is called Pluma in Spain, and we call it Loin here in America. It's actually cut from the neck end part of the pork loin, and it's called pluma, which means feather in Spanish, due to its triangular "wing-like" shape. This flat, irregular cut is heavily riddled with fat, which for Iberico is a coveted plus. Iberico pigs are prized for their intramuscular fat, their marbling, which renders into mouthwatering flavor and melt in your mouth tenderness as it cooks. Pluma Iberica is rich and full of fabulously nutty Iberico pork flavor. Iberico pigs are a special heritage breed from Spain, known for their black hoofs (pata negra) and their succulent, tender meat. The pigs are allowed to graze freely on the nutritious grasses, tubers and most importantly, acorn nuts of the Spanish forest. The nuts, full of oleic acid, transform the meat into slabs of nutty, sweet goodness. Use this fantastic cut for pan searing, grilling or even sous vide. A light seasoning with salt, pepper and lemon is all you need to coax the flavor out, but Pluma is always wonderful when paired with sauces. For grilling, dry the surface and place on a hot grill, and cook quickly on high heat. Pluma doesn't need long cooking times, and cooks rather like a steak. We like to cook this cut to medium or medium-rare.
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