Juicy Couture Shower Gel 10.5 oz Pacific Sea Salt Soak in Gift Box for Women

Juicy Couture Shower Gel by Juicy Couture 10.5 oz Pacific Sea Salt Soak in Gift Box for Women. Juicy couture fragrance by juicy couture is a distinctive mixture of delectable fruits and other natural and woodsy aromas that round it out perfectly. The scent’s top notes include green leaves, mandarin orange, marigold flowers, pink passion fruit, water hyacinth, and watermelon. Expect these scents to last about 10 minutes after application. The middle notes include lily, tuberose, and wild rose. Middle notes take longer to come out, appearing about 15 minutes after spritzing. Middle notes will last and stay strong for about an hour. Juicy perfume bottom notes last the longest, possibly up to several hours after application. The bottom notes of juicy couture include caramel, crème brûlée, patchouli, vanilla, and woods.

juicy couture original perfume was created by the juicy couture fashion masterminds in 2006. Juicy perfume was launched by
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