Petits Fours - Saint Germain - 144 pieces

Stocking up on a great treat is always a good idea! Packaged in a sturdy box, our pretty and delicious Saint-Germain Petit Fours are just the indulgent little bite to keep around for when you want to savor something sweet, fancy and yet not heavy. Each box brings 3 separate trays of 48 pieces, containing 8 distinct flavors to indulge upon. Serve them after dinner with espresso or a steaming cup of tea or place them in your prettiest plates for a fancy dessert. They're perfect for a special event, or to make a regular meal a special occasion. The assortment includes: 6 Strawberry slices: An elongated Joconde biscuit layered with strawberry jelly, buttercream, and strawberry compote 6 Almondines: a little sweet and citrusy bite of lemon sponge cake topped with lemon jelly and lemon and orange zest. 6 Triple chocolate squares: milk chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache and chocolate crumble, and white chocolate mousse layered on a Joconde biscuit. 6 Apricot Financiers: a classic French pastry, this little tart is filled with sweet apricot jelly sprinkled with chopped pistachios. 6 Chocolate crumbles Mini Cakes: a sumptuous delicacy of dark chocolate ganache and dark chocolate cream with chocolate crumble. 6 Caramel and Cinnamon Financiers: a fresh little bite of caramelized apple compote, topped with chopped almonds and hints of cinnamon. 6 Raspberry Cheesecakes: a pretty miniature version of classic cheesecake topped with raspberry jelly. 6 Opera Cakes: A traditional French pastry, this decadent slice of coffee-soaked Joconde biscuit is layered with coffee buttercream, chocolate ganache and chocolate icing. These mini pastries were designed to blend exquisite flavor with flawless presentation and designed to travel and arrive in perfect condition. They're made by Traiteur de Paris, a company that specializes in creating foods for chefs and restaurants that demand consistency and quality. They're entirely made by hand by pastry chefs, and made with fresh, high-quality ingredients free of GMOs, preservatives, or flavor enhancers. Our petit fours arrive chilled and can be eaten out of the box - the elegant black tray can serve as a convenient serving piece. These delicate, delicious, and fancy little bites are the perfect detail for weddings, bridal and baby showers, Mother's Day or any other special event.
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