French Caramel Toffee Delight Cake - Frozen - 16 cakes (3.15 oz each)

A delight of delicious crumble base topped with a velvety caramel mouse, and crowned with a delicate caramel-scented cream, all beautifully decorated with a light shower of crumble pieces. You'll feel love at first sight once you see its beauty, and you'll fall in love all over again once you try it and discover its center: salted butter caramel. This somewhat salty toffee interior adds a great twist to this dessert, an unexpected flavor and a whole new texture, giving this cake a perfect balance in every aspect. And this saltiness is not provided by just any salt - this salt is one of the finest in the world, found only in the French region of Brittany, in the salt marshes of GuA rande. What makes this salt so special is not only its wonderful properties, but also that it represents an ancient French tradition: to this day, GuA rand salt is harvested in the same way that it was done centuries ago. And your palate will surely recognize it. This is the perfect dessert to stash in the freezer for the busy holiday season, when parties and guests abound, and time for baking is scarce! Each box brings 16 individually wrapped cakes, perfectly delicious and beautiful, the perfect portion to satisfy any sweet tooth. Store in the freezer, defrost in the fridge for 4 hours before serving. Founded in Paris in 1996, Traiteur de Paris stands out for the excellence in their frozen products, which are absolutely gourmet and refined. Having developed a unique freezing technique, Traiteur de Paris guarantees the freshness in their products: this small yet acclaimed company began with the idea of offering gourmet desserts in social events such as weddings, but they soon became so popular that they had to find a way to satisfy all demands and at the same time, without forgoing their dedication to each dessert. This is how they came up with the innovative way of deep freezing: not only does it conserve the taste perfectly, but it also keeps the textures intact. This dessert is also free of artificial preservatives, coloring, and artificial flavor enhancers.
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