Mango and Panna Cotta Shortbread Cake - Frozen - 16 cakes (3.15 oz each)

When you want that professional look and taste in a cake, but don't feel like laboring long hours or perhaps baking is not your forte, you need to keep these amazing little cakes in your freezer. We are especially partial to this wonderful creation of sumptuous panna cotta with just a hint of coconut, nestled on a buttery coconut crumble crust, and topped with a refreshing and unexpected gelled mango topping dotted with pieces of candied mango. The perfect dessert for a summer fete, or to end a summery wedding reception, these cakes come frozen in a box of 16 individual portions. These adorable little mini cakes can keep in your freezer until you want to use them - perfect for when you want to impress unexpected dinner guests! The firm crumble base makes it a dream to serve, and the size is just right. To serve, remove the plastic film and defrost for 3 hours at 40AdegF 4AdegC.). If you want to give this dessert a personal touch, just add a dash of mango coulis ,and perhaps some coconut flakes and candied mango for tropical flair. Send this to a friend in dire need of something sweet and sophisticated, or order it for yourself to host the best summer events ever! Traiteur de Paris specializes in supplying fabulous pastries and foods for the restaurant and food industry, and their chefs are highly trained in order to cater to this discerning clientele. Their recipes contain no preservatives, no artificial colorings, and free from flavor enhancers. Just fresh, high quality ingredients.
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