French Apple Tarte Tatin - Frozen - 16 tarts (4.2 oz each)

The year was 1889 when almost by chance this delicious classic French cake was discovered for the rest of the world to enjoy. Two pastry chefs, the Tatin sisters, were thinking of ways to bring more delicious sweetness into the world, and they made it! And now, Traiteur de Paris brings this spectacular cake to your table. The Tarte Tatin is not your usual and simple apple pie, rather it is more like an upside-down-cake, with delicious flavors on both sides. Traiteur de Paris's specialized staff meticulously selects the best raw materials to create their sweet marvels, and this cake is no different: the traditional red apples are the stars in the Tarte Tatin, and each of them is chosen especially for this cake. The apples are then caramelized in the oven with sugar and butter until they are as soft as can be, and are finally covered by a delicious batter, carefully mastered by Traiteur de Paris's excellent pastry chefs. A classic French cake that would make the great Chef Vatel drool with desire can be at your home, ready to be enjoyed by your family and acquaintances. It has the perfect balance of an unpretentious, home-made dessert and a fine, elaborate French Pastry. The Tarte Tatin is best served cold, and if you have vanilla ice cream at hand, it is the perfect topping for a slice of this delicious pie. Or add whipped cream and cinnamon to top it, and you will have a recipe sure for success. You can also put it in the oven for a few minutes until its lukewarm and voilA ! Applies for every season and occasion. This classical French cake will delight everyone, whether it is your friends over for coffee and tea, or a dessert for your dinner guests. Order your Tarte Tatin now, and let its unique flavor take you through time to France in 1889, without leaving your home.
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