French Gianduja Shortbread Cake - Frozen - 16 cakes (3.15 oz each)

Traiteur de Paris has created this spectacular dessert to fill all our crunchy, sweet dreams! This French Gianduja Cake has a buttery crumble base, topped with a creamy and dense chocolate and hazelnut paste, all decorated with a sprinkled of grated almonds, ground hazelnuts, pieces of candied orange, and pieces of the crumble base. All frozen, ready to be the shinning jewel of any meal! We bring to you this French delight in a great packaging: 16 individual cakes, each about 3.15 oz, and 7 cm diameter - perfect for any occasions, whether you have one or 16 guests. If you are expecting company, or if you are suddenly surprised by an unexpected visitor, all you have to do is open your freezer and serve the amount required according to the number of guests. This epicurean delight will become your new hero: you'll be always ready to have something sweet to serve. Perfect for holiday meals and Thanksgiving celebrations, stock up on these incredible desserts so you're never caught unprepared, and you can save the cooking for the ham and turkey. Be ready to savor this mouthwatering dessert: all you have to do is order it and we'll ship it to you overnight. Once you have it at home, just put it in the freezer and wait for the occasion to serve and share with you friends. Or don't wait at all, and enjoy all your own! Remove the cake from its individual package, put it on a plate and into the fridge for a couple of hours and voilA !
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