Thousand Flower Honey From Piedmont - 8.8 oz jar

Piedmont lies in the far north of Italy, a region of beautiful green grassy hills, flanked by the majestic Alps and the Appenines. The hills and forests are graced by a riot of wildflowers, beautiful, aromatic and unique, the nectar of which blend together to create this fabulous Thousand Flower Honey, or 'Miele millefiori' - honey of a thousand flowers. One of the most rare of honeys, this is by definition unique - the honey bees feast on the nectar of the flowers that are in season at the time, creating a honey that's multifaceted and almost impossible to reproduce. With deep amber color, this wonderful multifloral honey is floral and sweet, thick and delicious, plus rich in antioxidants. As perfect to pair with breakfast scones as it is drizzled over hard Italian cheeses. Refrigerate after opening.
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