Linden Honey - 8.8 oz jar

The honey from the deliciously fragrant Linden or Basswood tree is pure aromatic heaven. The honeybees love to feed on the dropping flowers, ripe with nectar, creating a honey that's unlike any other. This pale, yellow-amber honey is full of aroma and has an intense fresh flavor - a bit aseptic, a bit spicy and mentholated, herbal and complex. The health benefits and medicinal properties of linden honey are purported to be many - a cure for colds and sore throats, believed to be great for the heart, liver and gall bladder, as well as for curing insomnia. Linden blossom honey is the honey you want to buy and stock during the winter months, to make your teas both delicious and cold-repelling! This basswood honey is great drizzled over fruit, scones, toast and more.
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