Chestnut Honey - 8.8 oz jar

Unlike most traditional floral honeys, this deep and wonderful honey comes from the nectar of the Sweet Chestnut tree, which grows in towering forests all around Italy. It's a rich, robust honey, of a dark amber color and an intense aroma, with notes of bitterness. The heady flavor is like a winter fire, woodsy and smoky, and absolutely amazing. This is the honey for the bold palate - it's not mild and sweet like other varieties. While floral honeys are suited for sweets, this is the honey to pair with meats and heavy savory dishes, where it will add dimension and a sweet-but-bitter flavor. Drizzle over blue-veined cheeses, especially a creamy Gorgonzola or hard Pecorino or Parmigiano, or serve with rustic bread. Buy it and treasure it! Use it in baking to add deep flavor to cakes and cookies, for glazes, meat marinades (especially gamey meats), and pretty much any recipe, as chestnut honey is incredibly versatile. This dark honey is also rich in antioxidants - like most tree honeys - so this is the honey to go for if you're looking for health benefits.
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