Tea Forte World Of Teas Collection Infusers - 15 Infusers Large Tin

With their World of Teas Collection, the masters of Tea Forte have compiled six exotic blends from different parts of the world in a single set of silken infusers. Each blend is made from fresh tea leaves sustainably harvested from beautiful gardens in locales such as India, South Africa, Japan and Switzerland. Meticulously blended with herbs, spices and blossoms, they acquire uniquely complex scents and flavors that delight with every cup. a Bombay Chai: as dazzling as Diwali lights, this ebony-colored Nilgiri black tea pulsates with spicy notes of cinnamon, cardamom and clove, with a hint of tropical coconut. a Moroccan Mint: a refreshing, aromatic blend combining Moroccan Nana leaves with Chinese gunpowder green tea, with a sweet, soothing finish. a African Solstice: rich in antioxidants, this smooth South African rooibos is brimming with fruity, blossomy flavors, courtesy of sun-ripened berries, Chilean rosehips and rose petals. a Sencha: dried and steamed according to Japanese tradition, this meticulous green tea yields a soothing cup with a healthy, vegetal glow. a Estate Darjeeling: picked from the foothills of the Himalayas, this medium-bodied black tea has a pleasantly astringent, floral and nutty taste. a Swiss Apple: An all-natural herbal blend that strengthens the skin, made with organic rooibos tea, fresh apples and alpine chocolate. You can purchase this collection in elegant tins containing either 2 or 6 infusers. Please note that the 2-infuser set contains only two blends: Bombay Chai and Moroccan Mint. These blends are captured in sophisticated, silken infusers made from environmentally friendly PET fibers. They're designed to unleash potent flavors and aromas once steeped, and have an aesthetically-pleasing pyramid-like appearance. These exotic tea bag infusers were created by Tea Forte. The company began in Massachusetts in 2003, with a highly stylized product line based on traditional Japanese tea drinking ceremonies, intended to "elevate a cup of tea into an extraordinary experience for all your senses." Today, they present an unparalleled variety of handcrafted teas and tea accessories with sumptuously decorated packaging. Enjoyed in over 35 countries, their products can be found in the most prestigious restaurants, hotels, resorts and luxury retailers, making them ultimate ambassadors of the tea-drinking experience.
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