Tea Forte White Ginger Pear White Tea - 16 Filterbags - 16 Forte Filterbag Box

White tea is regarded by many tea connoisseurs as something to be reserved for special occasions. It's rarer and less processed than other teas, and the low oxidation of its leaves means it holds more natural elements of the plant. White Ginger Pear Tea is a soothingly fragrant and alluring ginger tea that brings together several natural ingredients from around the world. Contained in eco-friendly filterbags, it's easy to prepare, and ideal for special occasions. Its core ingredient is rare White Peony tea, handpicked and dried in the crisp mountainous air of Fujian, China. This is harmonized by Polish herbs, Iranian mallow, and Chinese pear and ginger, each adding its own voice without drowning out the floral-sweet bass note of the tea. These wonderful ingredients are contained in 16 individually wrapped filterbags. Each White Ginger Pear Tea filter is made with natural, unbleached paper that's 100% recyclable. This sweet White Peony tea is a creation of Tea FortA . Starting out in Massachusetts in 2003, the company began with a highly stylized product line based on traditional Japanese tea drinking ceremonies, intended to "elevate a cup of tea into an extraordinary experience for all your senses." Today, they present an unparalleled variety of handcrafted teas and tea accessories with sumptuously decorated packaging. Enjoyed in over 35 countries, their products can be found in the most prestigious restaurants, hotels, resorts and luxury retailers, making them ultimate ambassadors of the tea-drinking experience.
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