Spoons - Transparent Cristal Clear Plastic - 250 units - 10 cm

A beautiful meal deserves a beautiful place setting, no matter where you are and how many people you're serving, and that includes even the humble spoon. These beautiful clear spoons were made to pair with your best soups, casseroles, and desserts, the sturdy material perfectly containing the richest concoctions. The crystal-clear plastic is high quality, delicate to the eye but robust, with a simple but modern design that matches almost any decoration and setting. They can withstand cold and hold temperatures from 0 to 158 F, and their bulk pricing makes it an attractive way to keep catering budgets low. The best part? They're perfectly disposable and recyclable, so you can just send them out with the recycling once your event is done, no need to wash and clean hundreds of utensils. These spoons are crafted in France by Solia. The company manufactures modern and innovative disposable serving items, paying attention to both quality and design. The beauty and durability of their products, coupled with their attention to quality and great pricing points, makes them one of the leaders in the industry and the choice of the best catering, event management and food service companies.
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