Rougie Duck Leg Confit - Individual Piece - 1 leg, 6.7 oz

Duck Leg Confit is a gorgeous dish coming from Southwest France, and mainstay of French gourmet cuisine. RougiA provides a fully cooked duck leg confit after completing the lengthy, but worthwhile process of seasoning the duck with herbs before slowly cooking it submerged in its own rendered fat. RougiA even takes it a step further and cooks it twice to ensure that the succulent meat will easily fall off the bone. This traditional confit duck leg is all natural, with no preservatives. All of the ducks at RougiA farms are individually hand-fed two meals a day after 12 weeks of free-range growing. There are no hormones or antibiotics added to their feed; leaving only natural goodness for you to effortlessly enjoy. Seeing as the hardest part has already been done for you, you could easily make a meal of this by simply preparing some complementary sides like as mashed potatoes, seasonal greens, or even fries, all set off nicely by a choice glass of Malbec. For a lighter alternative, shredding the duck and adding it to a salad provides another way to reap the benefits of this moist and tender meat. Initially created in France in 1875, RougiA has come an exceptionally long way. The firm, originally led by father and then son, can now be found in 120 countries and has production in Canada. RougiA 's farms bring the highest quality duck specialties to American chefs.
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